Update To Washington, D.C. Ban On Noncompete Agreements

Back in 2021, FordHarrison published a Legal Alert indicating that Washington, D.C. would soon implement a ban on noncompete agreements. As noted, the Ban on Non-Compete Agreements Amendment Act of 2020 was considered one of the most far-reaching prohibitions on noncompete agreements in the country. However, feedback from the business community prompted the D.C. Council to revisit the Act, delaying its implementation. Finally, the D.C. Non-Compete Clarification Amendment Act of 2022 (the “Amendment”) went into effect on […]

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New Maryland Law Makes It Easier For Employees To Prove Unlawful Harassment

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination which is prohibited by local, state, and federal law (Title VII). There are two types of unlawful harassment: (i) quid pro quo harassment (“you do this for me, and I do that for you”) and (ii) the more common type of harassment, known as hostile work environment.

Under prior Maryland state law and current federal law, in order to establish unlawful harassment, an employee must:

Establish that the conduct was […]

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Connecticut Employers Subject To Revised CTFMLA Regulations

Recently the Connecticut Department of Labor (“DOL”) issued new regulations under the Connecticut Family and Medical Leave Act (“CTFMLA”). As detailed below, the new regulations explain the expanded coverage of the revised CTFMLA to a larger number of Connecticut employers and provide broadened benefits to covered employees. While some of the changes merely mirror the expanded reach of the revised law, other tweaks in the regulations expand upon the language in the law itself.
Eligibility […]

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